Sacred Ground is just that… Sacred Ground. We established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2017 upon news of the closing of the beloved Halls Residential Hospice in our community. We responded to the calling to begin Sacred Ground and continue providing our community with a residential hospice home with the same comprehensive, loving care as well as the family and spiritual-based support.


While our initial hopes were to continue serving in the same location that many of us shared with our friends and family over the years, it turned out God had other plans, which we trust to be better plans, and in 2020 provided us with a new home located at 1120 Dry Gap Pike allowing us to continue to serve people throughout East Tennessee. We are so excited for our new home that will continue to touch thousands more patients and families. We are here with the mission to provide compassionate care to individuals facing end-of-life and allow the family to be family members and not caregivers.


By the grace of God, we opened a new 16-room facility in August 2021.